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Checking In

I used to be better at keeping this thing current. A long time ago, in a blogosphere long, long ago. It’s the lament of the failed blogger, always. “Sorry I haven’t posted.”

I could give up, of course. Why have a site if you don’t write for it? But, I like having a site. Except that apparently I don’t have much anything to say.

So why bother? I dunno. It’s neat that I can say anything here.

I grew up in an earlier time when publishing was much more closely guarded. Before the ubiquity of web and various devices. Books were everything, and the glory of having your words printed in books or magazines or any circulated medium was so… tantalizing.

And now anyone can publish, and partake in social media, and… it’s all so much garbage. And so much wealth.

I wonder… what will this time look like to the future? God I want to know about it: 50, 100, 500 years from now.

1,000 years from now!

May you live in interesting times.”

And we do.

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