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SEO Song: ‘Google Loves Me’


Google loves me, yes I know,
for the search results tell me so.
Little sites to them belong,
we are weak and they are strong.

Yes, Google loves me,
yes, Google loves me,
yes, Google loves me,
the search results tell me so.

There is…

…nothing new under the sun. I thought of that little ditty and was pleased with my cleverness, but Google hates me and shows me that others have riffed on it before.

This is a small and insignificant site, amongst billions and billions of other pages, but Google is sending some love my way. I’m amazed at how much of my traffic comes from them: about 50%.

I wonder how often searchers arrive here and find their hopes and deepest longings fulfilled? I can tell that disappointment often awaits instead, such as for those who seek phone seduction.

But those on a quest for stone arch bridge pictures may be satisfied with the results. (I even added more pictures to that one in response to all the hits. How’s that for customer service?)

I have to say I was happy to find the same page that draws in the “phone seduction” people also brought in someone looking for: Just then, a bandwidth load as heavy as a pregnant elephant sits.

Finally, another favorite result from an Arabic Google page for Bahrain, Someone looked for a bad story about picnic. I was the top result that day but I see now I’ve slipped to number eight.