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The Recklessness of Storms

This is big ash tree from my mom’s neighbor’s yard. I think a combination of the power company and some tree service did the cutting here:

Big Fallen Ash Tree

A closer view of the turf displacement around the base:

Big Fallen Ash Tree 2

A view from the neighbor’s yard. It’s kind of hard to see, but all those branches in the upper right corner of the picture are large branches left hanging off the garage roof by the power/phone companies. The storm also took down some branches from a nice old Crimson King maple in the backyard; not so nicely shaped anymore.

Big Fallen Ash Tree 3

Can you see the powerline not far above the trunk? It’s a temporary line. The tree took out the old lines and created dancing, sparking lines in the yard, with blue electric fire causing some burn marks on some branches and the ground. I found a peculiar patch where I think the dirt must have fused together to create a hard glass spot.