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Summer Days, One Step at a Time


Thursday marked one year of “Moving to Freedom.” But this isn’t the post for that; I’m planning another entry with graphs and stats and suitably pompous observations. I bring it up as a way of explaining my posting lately. I don’t feel the need to apologize, but I realize I’m not posting a lot of on-topic entries, and what I am posting is pretty light-weight. (Although that could be just because I’m shallow and uninteresting.)

I feel compelled to explain that I really want to post more on topic stuff and more in-depth, but I’m busy enjoying the summer. Last year we had a new baby and weren’t out doing as much, and I also spent a lot of time working on getting this site started. I enjoyed learning WordPress and PHP and getting everything put together, but I also regretted not doing more outside.

This year our daughter is much more interactive and we’re being more ambitious in our home projects . I’m enjoying it and putting work here at a lower priority. I don’t feel that bad about it, although I still want to write more. But we have to make choices.

Another project that displaced work on the web site and the ongoing free software migration:


After seven years in our house, we finally have a patio. Johnson & Sons Concrete does great work. They poured a 15x15 foot slab behind the house and colored it and used forms to stamp it and give it the appearance of brick. It looks fantastic. They really pay attention to details. One of the nice things they did was haul all the cement back in wheelbarrows, avoiding wear and tear on the yard.

It’s funny how different people will notice different things. My wife seemed to take note of one of the guys pushing a wheelbarrow more than I had. Something about his shirtless appearance. I hadn’t noticed the tan and rippling muscles myself.

So then we had to get busy with putting edging around it and filling in rock, which was a day of back-aching labor, and then a good chunk of another day building these gorgeous steps you see here. Today I installed a cover on our egress window well that’s right next to the patio. It’s also very lovely but I won’t burden you with a picture