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A Silly Post Brought to You by the Letters E and F

My daughter has a set of Sea & Learn Bath Shapes that are very entertaining for her and me and the wife alike. (The wife might not want to admit that. But for me I can say that they engage my brain more than a typical work-related meeting.)

Letter E

I happened to notice that the “e” looks very Microsoft Internet Explorerish. It’s a small letter. It’s blue. So I looked around for the “f” and found that by an amazing coincidence, it is Firefox red!

Letter F

(Okay, so the Firefox logo is predominantly orange and this is mostly red. Just play along. The stars are orange. Take it or leave it.)

How about that? The forces of good and evil arrayed against each other in a child’s collection of floating letters.

I then further explored ways that these spongy forms might promote this web site and the cause of free software.

(Now, pay attention and look to see where I cheated in a couple of these.)

First, a beacon of hope in a proprietary wasteland:

Letters GNU/Linux

Next, it’s interesting that “freedom” starts with the nice Firefox “f,” but has two bad IE “e”s. Let’s hope the red-sympathizing “r” (for ruskie?) will lend its support to the communist/hippie free software cause:

Letters Moving to Freedom

Finally, a great GNU/Linux distribution that has helped me make the move to freedom after many years of wandering in the wasteland:

Letters Ubuntu

Did you see where I cheated? Hint: The set includes two of each letter and number.

As with many free and open source projects, others showed up with their own ideas and wanted to contribute their talents:

Letters Helper One

It can be a real challenge to manage these things, and sometimes it all breaks down into chaos:

Letters Helper Two

Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes Package

I guess she had a different artistic vision, or she thought some major refactoring was called for. They’re her Sea & Learn Bath Shapes, after all.

I didn’t include my usual Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license on these pictures. With today’s iron-fisted copyright regime, I wondered if Munchkin might claim rights to words made with their product’s letters.