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Mah Na Mah Na » Scrubs » Martin Sexton, ‘Diner’

It all started when I had my daughter sitting on my lap and I decided to play for her the Muppets “Mah Na Mah Na” video.

Which she seemed to enjoy. (Me too!)

In the related clips, I saw one for “The Muppets meet [Scrubs]”, and we watched that one also. I love Scrubs. That further led to a related click on Scrubs outtakes. At about 6:20 of the outtakes reel, there was this catchy song that I immediately liked. A quick search of some lyrics snippets turned up that it was “Diner,” by Martin Sexton.

It was also used in a collage from season 6 (I think) of Scrubs.

Maybe I’m biased in favor of it by the opening line: “You might have seen one out in Minnesota”.

So I went to Amazon and found it in MP3 Downloads for $0.89, and quickly downloaded it. And then I started sampling other songs from its album, Black Sheep. Sounds like great stuff. Wikipedia categorizes his genre as folk, which isn’t something I normally listen to a lot, but I really like the sound of this music. His voice.

And then I wanted to hear more. I ordered Black Sheep and Wonder Bar from Amazon. I wish the media companies would recognize that having this stuff available in a convenient and unrestricted format can actually make them money. And that having content float around on the internet in small clips can help promote sales, but I think they’d rather die than change. All they can see is that they’re not capturing every ounce of consumer surplus, and it drives them crazy.

Case in point: the Muppets and Scrubs videos keep disappearing so I can’t share them here. But you can listen to Diner, right here in the comfort of this web page.