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At the St. Paul Curling Club

Lunch today at The Happy Gnome and then a walk across the parking lot to the St. Paul Curling Club for a couple of hours of curling. The Happy Gnome is a nice little restaurant and bar (although I apologize for their web site which seems to be all Flash). Went back afterwards and ordered a “Surly Bender,” which is brewed right here in Brooklyn Park, but they were out of that so I settled for a Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter.

The Curling Club was really cool. I had no idea.

Curling Stones

I’ve never played before. This was a team event for my work and none of us knew what we were doing, but we had a great time. We do these events about once a month, and very often I’ve been introduced to an all new experience like this. Great to see a different slice of life that I otherwise would have been unlikely to encounter.

All of the rocks had names on the top, maybe of the person(s) who paid for it or maybe it’s in honor of them. The near rock is one I kept picking when it was my turn: “Just Willy” Farbellow. Despite the great namesake, I rarely got the damn thing to stay “in the house.”