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screenshot 1

Anyone still playing Doom out there? I came across a custom level I made way back in 1995 (give or take a year) and realized that the world shouldn’t be deprived of this great treasure.

I think it’s a decent, playable level, with good “texturization.” There are two difficulty levels: 1-2 is fairly easy, and 3-5 should be challenging.

screenshot 2

Although the Doom source code is free software under the GNU GPL now, I don’t think that includes the main Doom “wad” with all the textures.

I haven’t tried running one of the GPL versions. To get the map and screenshots included here, I ran Doom95 under Wine. That worked okay except I didn’t get any sound.

screenshot 3

Check it out!

(includes scar1.wad and scar1.txt)

Spoiler alert: You can see a map of the level, but I wouldn’t look if you might play it. That would ruin the surprises.

screenshot 4

Thanks to id software for a great game and for making it available under the GPL, and to the makers of DoomCad 6.1, Windeu 5.24, and Bsp 11w, all three of which I used to make this wad.

Feel free to modify and share this thing under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.