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This ain’t no holiday


Oh no this ain’t no vacation
(This is your chance to pay
The great casino foundation…)

— Martin Sexton

Ain’t no vacation anymore, anyway.

Twelve glorious days off work and now it’s time to return to the grind.


I’ve shoveled. We’re getting a decent Minnesota winter this year, with more snow earlier than we have in recent years. I usually make it a mission to keep the driveway clear to the blacktop, so that means obsessively pushing a shovel around.


It has been a great year to get new boots. I’ve had a pair of Sorels for over 20 years that are still in great shape, but they were big and unwieldy for walking the dog around the neighborhood. I splurged on a pair of North Face boots that are light and much better for walking. Just in time for all the snowy/slushy road conditions this year.


I started working through Learning Python, by Mark Lutz. I like what I’m seeing. Good book and language. I’ve looked at Perl from time to time, and think it’s neat and have always thought it would be cool to learn and use, but Python seems to fit better for me.

And that’s what I did on my winter vacation.