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It’s here! Big Buck Bunny is a free short movie created by the Peach open movie project. The animated movie is freely licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which means, according to their “about” page: “you can freely reuse and distribute this content, also commercially, for as long you provide a proper attribution.”

Big Buck Bunny was made primarily with the awesome free Blender 3D graphics software. As far as I know, all the software used was free software, so you can download software and project files all for free and use them however you wish. That’s cool.

I wrote about the project last year: Peach! (Free Software, Free Movies). I’ve been following their blog with interest since learning about the project and investing in it by sending $40 to pre-order the DVD last September.

Still waiting for the DVD to arrive in Minnesota from Amsterdam, but I downloaded one of the movie files from the site to do a vanity check on my name in the credits, a benefit of ordering before October. And I was crushed to see I wasn’t in the list. Hugely disappointed. Either I was overlooked, or I’m just a big liar and didn’t send in any money last September. But they did take my $40 and I do have an order number, so we’ll see if I get the DVD. Not all that big a deal, I suppose, but I was looking forward to that small token showing I supported the project at an early stage. I believe we can have good stuff in free culture and would have been proud to see my name in the credit roll. But again, it’s a minor thing.

Congratulations to the Peach project on successfully completing and releasing the movie, and keep up the good work. More free stuff, please! :-)


3 June 2008: Received the DVD yesterday although haven’t watched it yet. Also received an email from Anja at the Blender e-shop, who tells me they had a small number of errors on the credits, including mine, and they’d like to offer me a BBB t-shirt as a gesture to compensate for the error. Nice. T-shirts are always welcome. It was unnecessary for keeping my good will, but much appreciated all the same.