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Is this Poison Ivy?

'Outwitting Poison Ivy', by Carol Hauser

We went camping about a month ago and I was blessed by the loving touch of Toxicondendron radicans; the dreaded poison ivy. It took about two weeks for the rash on my legs to run its course, during which time I told myself it was preferable over two other Minnesota attractions: Lyme disease or the West Nile virus.

There’s nothing like a bout of “urushiol-induced contact dermatitis” to make you better appreciate the absence of other unwholesome conditions.

Despite my investment in the book Outwitting Poison Ivy in preparation for this camping season, I had been defeated by the plant. The book certainly has useful information, and reading it while afflicted made it even more compelling, but alas, it would have benefited greatly from more color pictures.

So, clearly, it would be advantageous for me to improve my recognition capabilities of this woodland scourge, but “leaves of three, let it be” casts a wide net and brings too many suspects into the lineup. Nor have I been able to employ the “hairy vine, no friend of mine” heuristic to any success. I’m forced to turn to my good friend, the internet.

On our next trip, I took the pictures below. Looking at the Wikipedia article on poison ivy, I’m pretty sure some of these are of the hated vine. What do you think, Internet, in your expert opinion?

This first one had more jagged teeth than I would have expected in poison ivy, but I think it might be the vile weed.

Is this poison ivy? (1)

Less jagged, #2 was in the same area as #1.

Is this poison ivy? (2)

The more I look at #3, the more I think they must be poison ivy. The leaves are shiny, but part of that is because I sprayed some mosquito fogger stuff around before taking this picture. These ones are lurking right on the edge of the campsite by our fire pit.

Is this poison ivy? (3)

And a couple more for your consideration.

Is this poison ivy? (4,5)

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