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Turkey Trek 5K

5K Race Number

Ran in my first race today, the 5th annual “Turkey Trek 5K.” There were 700 people registered. I don’t know how many people actually ran, but there was definitely a teeming multitude present. Temperature was agreeable at about 35 degrees F. (For you strange people on the metric system, that would be 1.7 degrees C.)

I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard it was a tough track. It’s on a trail system around my company’s headquarters, mostly paved but some unpaved and a number of small hills. With my entire running experience on my own around the neighborhood, I wondered how the pacing would work. My best 3 miles solo had been 29 minutes, but I haven’t pushed myself for speed. I figured 27 minutes would be good, although I hoped with adrenaline and matching the pace of other runners that I might go lower.

I maneuvered to be at the front of the pack for the start, and then felt intimidated by all the serious runners up there. I didn’t try to keep pace with those guys. Once I settled into my pace, I felt all right, but fretted about burning out early. I just didn’t have experience to guide me. I didn’t know the course. Thankfully, the hills didn’t bother me. (I’d also done all right with the few hills on my local routes.) It ended up being much like one of my normal runs. I suppose because that’s what I trained for, after all.

Maybe I could and should have pushed myself more, but as a running newbie in my first race, I had modest goals: I wanted to run steady and finish. I didn’t want to injure myself. I didn’t want to throw up. (Which I wouldn’t have thought was in the realm of possibility, but I did feel a small rumbling in my gut partway through the race. This might have been one reason I didn’t try turning it up. Another reason: cowardice.)

The result? I finished in 27 minutes. I’m happy with that. And now I have something to improve upon.