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Introducing: Fritzi Webber

Hi, Everyone. I have something new and exciting to announce: a guest blogger!

I like running this web site, but I never seem to write that much. The place collects dust and gets that musty “old web site” smell. Seeking to liven things up, I recently advertised for guest bloggers with Google, using this pitch:

Wanted: Guest Bloggers!
Freedom-related topics.
Published under free license.

The Selection

After much consideration, I’ve offered the spot to the spider, Fritzi Webber. Welcome to Freedom, Fritzi. I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

I rejected her at first because I thought her proposed topic was a bit macabre. But after my wife persuaded me to conduct another round of interviews, Fritzi impressed me with her passion and I decided to give her a chance. She’ll start posting this Friday.

I’m tempted to say more, but I should let Fritzi speak for herself. With the emphasis and disclaimer that she is writing for herself and does not represent my views. I don’t want to edit or filter my guest bloggers. I think for the guest program to be a success, I have to let go of my desire for control. I need to get good writers in here and then trust them.

Again, to be clear: I might agree or disagree, but I’m not endorsing Fritzi’s opinions and positions.

I can’t help mentioning that I think her intended topic is… disturbing. But in the spirit of trying new things, shouldn’t I welcome the challenge of different perspectives to help me escape my comfort zone?

And I’m already being tested: I’ll be away from the computer this weekend. I won’t be able to check in here but I’m trusting that everything will be just fine with Ms. Webber’s debut.