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Flowers at an Antique Shop as an Oil Painting

Back in 2007, I posted a picture of flowers at an antique shop in Motley, MN. Patty Carey has taken the photo and turned it into a beautiful oil painting:

Flower Cart Oil Painting by Patty Carey

Flower Cart,” by Patty Carey (Buffalo, New York)

When I think of oil paintings, I tend to imagine a big canvas, so I was surprised to learn this is only a 5x7 inch stretched canvas. It seems like a lot of detail to express in such a small area.


Patty asked for permission to use my photo which of course was unnecessary since it is a work of free culture, shared with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, the same as almost all of my work published here. This digital image of the oil painting now becomes available under the same license.

Thanks, Patty, for making and sharing your art with us!