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Five Years of Moving to Freedom

Trail Through Woods

This web site is five years old today.

You’re reading post number 352. Most of them have been “meh.”

A million unique visitors have visited uniquely. Mostly these are Google searchers landing on the technical posts that I’m not really doing anymore.

Thanks to everyone for your patronage, but especially to you regulars who keep coming around, despite erratic posting, as measured by regularity, content, and quality. Still, there has been only one month where I failed to post something. I’m going to count that as a blogging victory.

I’m not going to write about what comes next. In April I wrote about how I had “turned pro” and was doing so much writing and making progress on another fiction story, and I had all these great plans… and then that all fell apart.

So I’ll just do whatever it is I’m going to do here, whether it’s business as usual or something new and awesome or nothing ever again.