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Itsy Bitsy Fritsy now available for Amazon Kindle

Itsy Bitsy Fritsy Book Cover

I’ve turned my Tale of Itsy Bitsy Fritsy blog fiction postings into a short story in ebook format. Now you can relive Fritzi Webber’s thrilling story on your Kindle!

Or even better, experience it for the first time if you missed it before. The story is still “free as in freedom and beer,” and you can read it on the web starting here, but you’ll want to buy a copy, of course. It’s only $0.99!

I may experiment with more platforms, but the Kindle seemed like the best place to start. I’m sure many of you reading this have a Kindle or other device that will display Amazon’s ebooks, and after you buy your own copy, I’m counting on each of you to convince five of your friends to buy a copy, and they in turn will insist that five of their friends buy a copy, and so on, until I can quit my day job and focus on providing you with a quality content stream.