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Post #363

Stairs to Climb

Is 1500 words too long for a blog post, when people have so many things to read and watch online? Could be. I like reading longer stuff, but I look for any reason to pass over a web page. I might skip a lot of my own posts if I was someone else. I don’t know if I’d read me that closely. (Although I hope I’d give me a chance. This is pretty good stuff.)

People may not have patience for meandering. Oftentimes I don’t. If I start reading a post — like “Tied Up In Knots” — and the author seems to be mewling over sour milk, I might not read far enough to find out it’s actually about knots. Maybe I care about knots, but I never get to that part. Or maybe I like the mewling — maybe I like reading about other people’s difficulties — and then get turned off by the abrupt turn. Either way, I guess I save time by stopping after a couple hundred words.

Well, this post is only 180 words, more or less.

Did you make it to the end?