Moving to Freedom, .Org

It’s 2am. Time to wake up.

I’ve been getting up at two in the morning the past couple of weeks. I had been getting up at three, but after daylight saving time ended I stayed with the same “real” time. And today I was awake shortly before the alarm, thinking about this post you’re reading, and ready to get up and start working on it.

But then I dawdled at the computer, as usual, and now I probably won’t finish the post before I have to leave for work.

Maybe this is why I have to get up so early. (Or, “in the middle of the night,” as it’s known to some people.) Apparently I need a large block of time to get any writing done at all. And I like the quiet. And the feeling of freedom — that I’m not neglecting anyone or anything else. What else am I going to do at this time of day? (Other than browsing the internet and tinkering with my WordPress theme.)

What time do I go to bed to enable this damn fool crusade? About seven. I’m in bed and asleep before my five-year-old daughter. She comes in at her bedtime to give me a kiss goodnight and say “sweet dreams.”

I have been getting some writing done. I spent a couple of mornings working on the archives page. Which is silly because it won’t show up in anyone’s feed reader or email inbox, and I’m telling myself not to promote it on Twitter or Facebook; no one’s going to see it! So I mention it here, because I’m a sad attention-seeking little man. But I’m not going to promote this post either. I’ll just put it out there and let people find it, or not.

It’s okay to have transient posts, right? You’re reading it. That’s all that matters. Thank you.

I’m still finding inspiration and motivation from Seth Godin’s recent advice to publish more often, which is why I’m going to post this after all. For your sake, I’ll try reducing the idle browsing time and increasing the writing and revising time, with the goal of providing better entertainment value. Please stay with me for a few hundred more posts while I figure things out.

(I would’ve included a snapshot of my alarm clock with this post, but it’s kind of early and dark to be going around taking pictures.)