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It’s a Nice Day for a Black Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It’s a four day weekend. It’s low key; I like that there’s not a lot of marketing for the actual day. There’s not a bunch of crap to be sold. There’s not a herd of kids banging on your door demanding candy. No one expects you to go to church.

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For me, it’s simply about getting together with family for a good meal. I don’t care about football or the parade, but I like those parts of the day also.

The “meaning” of most holidays is irrelevant to me in how I celebrate them, but for this one, I really look at it as a day to be thankful. For the good things I have. For the good people in my life and how fortunate I am.

And of course there is Black Friday. I do not and will not participate in this ritual. It hasn’t bothered me that other people like to “celebrate” it, even though I find it revolting. The two days are separate in my mind. I can enjoy my traditional Thanksgiving, and then Friday is another blessed day off. From the comfort of my home, I can smugly look down on the consumers as they line up to feed from the retailers’ troughs.

This year I started seeing stories about Target and others opening at midnight, and it didn’t register right away as a threat. Opening hours for the big orgy have steadily moved up, and this just seemed like a natural progression. Whatever.

And then I saw that Walmart is opening at 10pm on Thursday, and I suddenly became deeply offended. My day will be violated. Too late, I understood what’s going on. Having failed to turn Thanksgiving Day itself into something that qualifies for a big seasonal display with associated big sales, they’re just going to roll right over it.