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Waypoint #1

ebook cover: 'Moving to Freedom, Waypoint #1', by Scott Carpenter

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I really like visiting the Moving to Freedom web site and reading the many entertaining and educational posts there, but I wish I could also read it as an ebook. Specifically, as an ebook on my Amazon Kindle compatible device. That would be so cool.

If that sounds like you, then today your dream has come true. Moving to Freedom, Waypoint #1 is here.

With all the posting activity around here the past couple of months, and in recognition of the extremely high quality of many of those posts, I decided it would be thoughtful of me to bundle things up into a nice 12,000 word package in time for the holidays, and offer it for only $0.99!

Fourteen posts are included, mostly from the past two months, along with an exclusive, all new introduction. Your favorites are all there: “Reverend Blue Jeans,” “Energize Me,” and more. And don’t forget, there’s the new introduction.

For you regulars, I’m sure you understand that purchasing a copy is required, whether or not you have a Kindle or other device. It’s only a buck. Throw some coins in the hat, brothers and sisters.

The last time I tried publishing an ebook, I described a simple, elegant plan, vaguely pyramidal in shape, where each of you would persuade five friends to buy a copy, and so on. I must not have explained it well, because I think I’ve sold all of five copies total of that book. I appreciate the massive show of support — I really do — but I think we can do better this time.

Thank you!

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I was surprised and delighted that my publisher put some effort into the product description. It will read better in context on the book’s page, but here’s a copy for posterity:

Waypoint #1” is a collection of fourteen posts from the “Moving to Freedom” blog that will change your life. When you’re through with it, twelve thousand words will have passed through your brain. They will affect you in some way.

What are people saying about this certain-to-be-seminal, or at the very least, sternutative work? We’ve conducted dozens of “man in the coffee shop” interviews to find out.

Jess from Philadelphia said, “I really identified with the blogger’s struggle against the corporate power structure. No one should be denied blue jean freedom. Denim power, man!”

I will never look at cutlery and cutlery-related procedures the same again,” said Emily from Austin.

From a Starbucks in Otswego, Ganadeep said, “Although coffee is my life, the blogger opened my eyes to the possibilities of energy drinks.”

Sebastian from Los Angeles: “I think the bowling mechanic represents the alienation of the technology caretaker role.”

Jim from Indianapolis said, “It could have used more drugs, and definitely needs more sex. The one about knot tying was probably my favorite.”

Anya from Carlsbad: “I think Waypoint #1 is a thinly veiled yet brilliant deconstruction of the Generation X ethos.”

Francesca from Denver: “I wanted to hear more about Thanksgiving. The blogger claims to love spending time with his family, but I sensed some tension beneath the surface. Maybe Waypoint #2 will get us closer to the truth with a Christmas post.”

Mark from Boston: “I’ve never heard of the Ryan Montbleau Band and they’re supposedly from around here. I think the blogger just made them up.”