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Where do posts come from?

It’s hard coming up with new material every day. Or you can make it harder than it has to be. Like when you goof off one day and don’t start a draft of your next post.

a post

A post in its natural habitat.

The last couple of posts turned out pretty well, in my humble opinion, so I’ve already created higher expectations and a heightened fear of failure in my mind. My anxious vanity is hard at work, if not my fingers on the keyboard.

I knew with my goal of posting every day this month, I could always do this. What I’m doing right now. Just write about the writing exercise and my convoluted mental states. I’m sure I can go on for 300 words about that, and there’s a good chance I’ll do it to get a post up this morning.


We put up the tree and hung ornaments last night, and my daughter — to my sentimental delight — requested Christmas music. This means the Rockwellian streaming of songs through the TiVo. To further paint the traditional scene, I spent half an hour tinkering with software since the Andy Williams/Ed Ames playlist wasn’t working. One of the dogs gets nervous when I work at the computer on the main floor, since it often involves cursing and she’s sensitive to emotional turmoil, but all went well and soon there was a little white donkey coming down the road. Clip clop.

Hmm. Back to meta…

Some of my post ideas lately have been delivered Just In Time, like my life in video games. Others I’ve carried around for a while, at least as a vague thought, like Othos. (Although the Othos part of it didn’t appear until I started writing. My original thought was simply to write about my freakish razor blade usage.)

Knowing I had to post today, I kept hoping for inspiration yesterday, but nothing came. With the Christmas tree activity, I thought about something there, but I didn’t want to risk writing that post — the lazy one about treacly holiday traditions and crap like that.

So I’m writing this lazy post instead, to meet my contractual obligation. This post came from duty. That’s right; I said, “duty.”

Four down, twenty-seven to go.