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I love the Kornbluth brothers’ movie, Haiku Tunnel. It really made me feel the emotional toil of (not) mailing 17 important letters. I daily experience this kind of crisis in my own job.

I also follow Josh’s blog, where yesterday he shared this bit of awesomeness about his spinning class:

The music was hard to take, though. I’d never actually heard any of Lady Gaga’s oeuvre before, and was amazed at the sameness of it (at least, to my as-yet-unGagafied ears). Also — partly through my exertions and partly through the hearing loss I incurred at a terrific 1983 concert by the Violent Femmes — I couldn’t make out the lyrics. At some point, as I pedaled along frantically, I lapsed into a surreal mental state in which I imagined that Lady Gaga was singing about the struggle of the individual to feel at home in a community, as experienced by one lonely member of the Workman’s Circle who’d just moved into the socialistic “coops” of the Bronx in the mid-20th century. But maybe she was really singing about sex.

Josh, please bring your Ben Franklin monologue to Minneapolis or St. Paul sometime. Or any monologue. I promise to drag at least one other person along to watch and listen.

The topic of spinning seems fitting. Here we all are, spinning this big web together. I should spin more links to my fellow bloggers.

And please note that this is a special bonus entry in a month of posts. Two in one day! (Oh! That makes me feel a bit like the Valiant Little Tailor: “Seven at one blow!”)