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I’m Glad I Didn’t Write This

Because then I would have nothing left to strive for.

So you want to impress important people? Good for you! It won’t be easy. It will take mojo. It will require moxie. You will need cojones. You will also need a PowerPoint presentation. Don’t show them the presentation yet. And don’t go whipping your cojones out right away!

That’s the start of “So You Want to Impress Important People?” by Charles Ullmann.

It has made me happy all day today, laughing inside and outside. You need to read the whole thing to get all of the joy. It’s only one paragraph. A 500-word paragraph, but still. That’s not too much to ask.

So many clichés, deployed so perfectly…

(With thanks to Sarah E. Olson for directing my attention to McSweeney’s.)