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Not a Pet Blog; Not Even a Pet Post

This is not a pet blog. But that’s probably only because Morgan died and I have a limited collection of pictures like this:

Morgan the Boxer and Tugger the Orange Tabby

With 36 days, December is so long. Especially when you’ve said you want to post every day this month. And, when you’re not a Christmas shopper. There isn’t the threat of that deadline. The constant reminder of a dwindling number of “shopping days” doesn’t feel so much like the days of your life running out. That’s not totally true. My mom refuses to give up Christmas gift exchanges, and there are a few kids in the family to shop for. With just those few people, it’s worrisome enough.

And it’s not that I don’t like giving gifts. I’m writing a post every day for you guys, right? How do you like this one? Does it fit? You can return it if you like. I won’t mind.

For most of my family and my wife’s family, we don’t do gifts. At least not the obligatory kind. My wife and I don’t even exchange birthday and anniversary gifts. (I’m a real catch!)

Still, we’re doing our part to indoctrinate our five-year-old daughter in this weird annual ritual of forced consumption. (Forced / guilted / whatever.) A couple of years ago, Sam would open a gift on Christmas and be happy with it. She would have played with that one toy and it would have been enough. But we did the hard work of parenting. We kept shoving more presents at her. “Keep going! Open this one! Go! Go! Go! You can do it!” By the following Christmas, she was a pro, asking after each gift, before the wrapping paper was even cold on the last, “What’s next?!”

Hey! This is turning into a real post. I wish I had more time, but maybe that’s the lesson I’ll eventually learn from this exercise. Give it more time. I’m also learning that putting an adorable pet photo at the top of a post is a good way to get things moving. It’s peristaltic magic.

Had I given myself more time, and known sooner what this was about, I would have written more about my annoyance with “Retailer vs. Consumer” articles and other news stories that fret about the level of spending this year versus last. I would have tried to subtly articulate my distaste for the organization of our economy, where so much emphasis is put on buying a bunch of useless and unwanted junk in a short period of time.

But I’m out of time.

Merry Christmas.