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Okay, this is a Pet Post

Boy is it ever. But it’s not a Christmas post. Although we can say it’s a Christmas present for the cat and dog people: More classic photos of Morgan the Boxer and Tugger the Orange Tabby!

(This still isn’t a pet blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with pets, pet blogs, Christmas, or Christmas blogs.)

I wanted to name the cat Stinky Pete. Tugger isn’t a bad name, but Stinky Pete would have been perfect. Not that he farts much, that I’m aware of. It’s just that he’s totally a Stinky Pete.

Whenever we brought a new pet into the house, Morgan would welcome and love the new family member intensely. Her joy at a new playmate was… very joyful.

In this first picture, we’re telling her off-camera, “Be gentle.” We weren’t yet confident that she understood Tugger wasn’t a toy.

Morgan the Boxer and Tugger the Orange Tabby

I wonder if this thing tastes good. I must chew on it.”

Be gentle, Morgan. Be nice to the kitty.

Morgan the Boxer and Tugger the Orange Tabby 2

I’ll chew gently. Just a little off the ear.”

It’s okay! Here they are a few days later, at peace, in love, and spooning:

Morgan the Boxer and Tugger the Orange Tabby 3 Not an abusive relationship at all.

tugger in sink

You’ll notice Tugger appears to have all of both ears, still. And he still had them nearly a year later, as shown in the sink picture. And more than a year after that, sitting with Morgan on the dog bed. (And he still has them now, although I don’t have recent photographic evidence. But I can produce the cat if asked.)

morgan and tugger on dog bed

Tugger came along later. Before that, Morgan and Sprite the Brown Tabby were puppy and kitty together. When I wrote the “I can tell that we are gonna’ be friends” post showing the two of them consorting in the cat bed, I had the White Stripes song playing as the soundtrack in my head (and speakers). I like their version, but more often listen to Jack Johnson’s. (You can listen to a sample of it on Amazon if you want a similar vibe. It doesn’t get to the chorus, unfortunately.)

morgan and sprite in cat bed

I can tell that we are gonna’ be friends.”

Morgan was such a friend.

I’ve mentioned that Morgan has been gone for years now, but writing this post brings her back. Just for a moment, and then she’s still gone. I’m sorry to end on a downer, but damnit that’s how it is with pets. They go away, leaving all that joy and sadness behind. And that’s why I think this is a real pet post.