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Where’s Walking Stick?

walking stick (phasmatodea)

It’s a walking stick!

Did you know you were a member of a community? You are. THE MOST AWESOME COMMUNITY ON EARTH. Thank you. It wouldn’t be awesome at all without you. I would like for us to be a tribe. Can we go ahead and call ourselves a tribe already? I think first we must go through many trials together and build up trust and respect for one another, and dare I say it, love. I realize it might not feel tribal or communal around here, but that’s not your fault in the least. And no matter what, we’re awesome. I bet everyone reading this can find the walking stick in the photo above.

A long time staple of this blog is the photo post. I try to have photos or images of some kind on nearly all of my posts, so you might ask, what makes it a photo post? Well, most importantly, a photo post is one that has been placed in the photos category. It usually has a link to a larger version of the photo, suitable for greater enjoyment and re-usability. In photo posts past, the photo is often been the sole occupant of the post and accompanied by few words.

Photo posts present and future may tend to have more words, if only for the purpose of achieving an arbitrary minimum of 300 words per day for a certain writing exercise, and possibly beyond that.

Or the words may even have something to do with the photo. This is a walking stick my wife and I found at our campsite in Akeley, Minnesota. I thought it was pretty cool then and now. Not so much the picture itself, but just that a thing like this exists. (Although I think the picture is nice enough, with the wood chips, and the “Where’s Waldo” angle it suggests for the post.)

What about you? Walking sticks. Are you for, or against?

You seem like more of a crickets crowd.

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