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This is the Power Droid You’re Looking For

Star Wars power droid (Vintage!)

The Star Wars power droid turned up in some Legos and my daughter started carrying it around, calling it “R2-D2” even though she should know better. I let it go, for now, but it made me feel uneasy.

POWER DROID. It’s a power droid. (Sharp intake of breath.) If you can’t call the action figures by their right names, maybe you’re just not old enough to play with this stuff yet.

This is a vintage 1970s toy, you realize. Looking around, I see this one at some random site for $40. Maybe I better take the thing away from her…

Oh, wait. Amazon has sellers offering it for $12. I don’t know if it’s worth crushing her joy for only $12.

Being a parent is hard.