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Putting Procrastination To Work

I want to use my procrastination time more productively. That’s why I’m writing this.

I’m excited about the bloggerly fiction I have in mind, but not enough to overcome my fear and resistance to the actual writing of it. However, instead of wandering idly around the web, why not spew out some bloggerly non-fiction? And then when this becomes unbearable, I can go back to the fiction. Of which I have written a first post.

I’m trying to “get to know” the characters, but I have no idea what goes on in other people’s heads. Why do other people do the things they do? I don’t know that I can draw any valid conclusions from my own inner experience. Is everyone else as self-centered as me? For those that don’t seem to be, are they just good at hiding it? And now I’m channeling my inner George Costanza.

This post would be over now, except I’m not ready to turn to the fiction, and I’m not wanting to get on the elliptical, even though that would mean getting to watch Parks and Recreation.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the kitchen and eat some more. That’s really my “go to” procrastination move.