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Moving the Procrastination Down the Page

I have to write something to move the previous post down from the top spot. When you have the word “procrastination” in a post title, you don’t want that to stay on top in case you don’t post for several days or weeks. Then you’d look like a procrastinator.

I feel better about this weekend, and maybe it’s because of the blog fiction. I’ve written another entry and I’m happy with how things are starting out, and still impatient to start posting it, but I really have to get in front of it more. (On the down side, there’s the nagging suspicion that it will suck.)

It occurs to me that by writing this, I’m procrastinating on the fiction work, again. Gah!

Gnus for You

Gnus - or wildebeests, if you like - in Ngorongoro, Tanzania

I like gnus. I like the word, the animal, and of course the GNU project. I like to pronounce the “g.” (I also very much like their other name: wildebeest.)

Andrés Moreno took this photo at Ngorongoro, Tanzania and shared it with the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. Thanks, Andrés!

Do you want to see more gnus in Ngorongoro?