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KLO Post

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This is a KLO post, with KLO being a corporate initialism I’ve acquired in my many years of corporating: “Keep the Lights On.”

I’m writing just to write, because if you don’t feed a blog, it will die.

(But it’s okay if you mix metaphors. This ain’t rocket surgery, after all.)

One post a month has always been my minimal requirement for blogging excellence, but with all the activity here the past few months, a week between posts is starting to feel like “too long.” I know that many of you rely on me for a regular infusion of “word awesomeness.”

I don’t want you to feel neglected or maybe even suffer psychological withdrawal from an abrupt reduction in content flow.

I wouldn’t want to disrupt your growing “Moving to Freedom” blog reading habit, which works like this:

I want to keep reinforcing that habit loop, but supply disruptions have inhibited my capability to manufacture and distribute blog posts. It’s the usual stuff: resistance, fear, anxious vanity, delusions of grandeur.

I’m still working on some fiction, which is something you should expect much later in the year, or next year, or never. But I’m working on it.

Sometimes I write like this for a while and then stumble into a TOPIC. I see the shape in the block of marble. I throw away the hesitant sketches and “carve” a blog post that is more or less the literary equivalent of Michelangelo’s David.

But I’m sensing it isn’t going to happen today.

I want to barf this thing out and take the dogs for a walk, where I’ll probably resent all the other people out enjoying the summer weather, and be a jerk to kids that want to pet my dogs.

At least I have a plan.