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Penelope Trunk: Take more advice. It will help you.

I like the way she writes:

So he tells me that he hates his job.

How can you hate your job? You are a compliance enforcer, which is perfect for your controlling nature. And you have tons of time to edit my posts during the day.”

I don’t try at anything I do.”

Really? I thought the only time you did that was when you worked for me.”

No. It’s just that you were the only boss who ever noticed.”

Why don’t you try harder?”

I don’t know. I’ve been telling myself I have to care, that I should be able to care. I’ve been telling myself not to check out just because I can.”


That’s my cue. I know that if you want to care and you can’t care it’s probably depression. So I told him to get medication. It turns out that I was not the first person to suggest medication. He had a mother with a mental disorder (example: she left him alone in the house for whole days at a time when he was four). And a lot of people with very poor parenting are chronically depressed.

So he finally took the advice he’d been getting for a while. And he says he is happier. And although he has not expressed that in the editing of my posts, I believe him. Because in five years I have never heard him so upbeat about himself or the future.

And with this, I think I’ll introduce a new link category, for when I just want to share someone else’s writing and point you to them, and I either don’t have much to add, or refuse to make myself say it.

It’s okay for me to do that; this is a blog.

There’s more good stuff in Penelope’s post.