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Links: Star Wars Script Reviews

I enjoyed these reviews of the Star Wars movies. Carson Reeves gives us a scriptwriter’s perspective on them, of how they work and don’t work as scripts

Carson loves the first two movies, as we all do, and explains what sucks about the others.

Although as a 12-year-old when Return of the Jedi came out, I had no objections whatsoever. Not even to the Ewoks. I haven’t watched that one for many years, but I bet I’ll still love it.

And the later three movies? Well. I guess they’ve united us all in a mutual society of disappointment, and allow us to enjoy things like this Gotye parody, “The Star Wars That I Used To Know.”

The Reviews

There you go. More than twelve thousand words for your weekend reading enjoyment. (Have you tried Instapaper, by the way? It will help you responsibly consume all the words.)

I can’t remember how I found these. Maybe it was via Emma Coats on Twitter.