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There is nothing new under the internet

Including the title and opening line of this post. Probably. I’m not going to look them up while I write this first draft. They occurred to me in one of those inexplicable bursts of creative genius.

MovingToFreedom, verse 1:1 → I googled around, and saw there was nothing new under the internet.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find some variant of this. (And the exact phrase might already be out there, if I’ve already tweeted it by now.)

And then there is this:


I wasn’t sure how best to write it. I considered also:


Although again, not looking yet.

Not that it matters, anyway. Maybe I’ll find a few references to these things, but, so what? It’s all just pee down the shower drain.

I’ve come up with other brilliant turns of phrase, but they all get washed away into the internet ocean, waiting for some later fisherman (or woman) to haul them up like old leather boots on a hook, confirming to them that there is nothing new out there. No fresh fish. Anything you can think of is just a cliched old boot hauled up into the dinghy.

And, “mehdiocrity?”


But I still like it. I’d like to think no one has put the two things together, like I’m the first one who thought of combining peanut butter and chocolate. I like it so much I’m turning it into this post, although maybe it only warrants a tweet. That was my first thought, except of course tweets are so transient, and only my few loyal and dedicated tweeterites would see it, and it makes me sad, because:


Come on!

You get it, right? Meh and mediocrity. Two great words that go great together.


Oh, wait. That’s wrong. You never want to use an exclamation point with the word. Or maybe you would do it ironically and for contrast.

Okay, let’s Google around for a moment…

Yep. They’re out there already.


I don’t know why I was all that excited about this in the first place.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

—Ecclesiastes 1:9