Moving to Freedom, .Org


Hi. This is a post just to write a post. I’ve been writing a lot of these and not publishing most of them. I might post this one, just so you’ll know I’m working. It’s important to tell people you’re working, so they’ll know.

Clearly, you’re not working if you’re reading this. In exchange for your time, you probably would like me to be funny or insightful or both.


But not really a sigh. More of an exhale, like, all right! Here we go. We’re going to do this. We’re going to write this thing.

I’m feeling pumped up. I’m really going to do this!

I’m starting now.

And now imagine I deleted everything before this. That’s what I usually do, but here I’m giving you valuable insight into my writing process.

I rail against soul-destroying almighty PROCESS at my job, but here in the writing factory, it’s essential. For example, “the process” includes important steps like obsessively glomming onto the internet, eating lots of cookies, and marinating in guilt and doubt and fear.


That’s a real sigh, and always a bad sign for me and for you when it starts appearing. It should be edited out.

This would be a good time to stop, but the process says I should write at least 300 words every day so I’ll keep going for a little while. It won’t take long now.

I guess I could include a line from the song that’s currently playing. I indulge in song lyrics a lot. It’s not part of the process, and you see the problem when you don’t follow the process? You get self-indulgent song lyrics and inspirational quotes.

All that we can do is just survive.”

But that’s kind of bleak, and still I have words to go.

I’m having serious doubts about publishing this, but I’m going to do it. Why not? I trust that you there, reading this, are determined enough to stick with me. Although please don’t think that means I think I can abuse you with this kind of post very often. Just today. And other days, but not every day.

Know that I have top men working on better material.

Top. Men.

And women, of course. (They are paid almost as much as the men.)

Committees have been formed. Meetings re: process improvement are in progress. Spreadsheets are being “utilized.”

Look for status updates and reports as we “move forward” with our work.