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Another 300 Words (And Then Some)

It’s become a magic number. Anne Lamott said it was her daily goal, and it’s what I try for as well. It’s why I started this post. I wrote another that was only 250 words, and it seemed right at that length, so I had to start another. (I’m good at math.)

Not that you should only write 300. But write at least that many.

I’m going to keep doing that. I hope by now there’ll be enough “good” posts that these “practice” posts will work also. These filler posts.

Not that I see this purely as filler. I don’t want to fob off an inferior product on you. But maybe this isn’t filler. Choosing to fervently believe it’s not filler, I’m publishing it. I’ve saved it for the weekend, where you can read it with your horoscope.

Now I’m just rambling, but I already have my 300 words between the two posts, so I feel good about that.


This one feels right on the edge of cheating. However! I have written it for you, and not for me, and that’s the key test. You should see — no wait, you shouldn’t see — the stuff that goes in my journal. Hoo boy. Not that it’s scandalous. It’s just not fit for public consumption. Except, forget the “public.” The public has terrible taste. I’m concerned with you, my discerning reader. Still, this blog isn’t a personal journal. It’s a respectable publication for people of exceedingly good taste. (Or those possessing abnormal levels of tolerance and patience.)

So then, what about this post? I’ll keep writing it, hoping to get into something better. It could happen. It has happened. Some of my “good” posts had this kind of folderol in them before all the chaff fell away when I got to the center of the Tootsie Pop.

How many words does it take to get to the center of a blog post, wise owl? 1 (hundred) … 2 (hundred) … crunch … 3!

(You’ve heard the old saying, right? Something about separating the Tootsie Roll from the chaff?)

This thing came near to being exactly 300 words before later embellishments pushed me safely past. I’ll keep going for even more padding, not wanting to repeat the gimcrackery of another 300 word post I wrote during the “LoBloPoMo” experiment.

So there: Ta da! Magic.

Except, I’m showing you how I do my tricks. Is it less exciting when you see how the illusion is performed? Maybe there’s no danger. Maybe this kind of post can’t be any less exciting. But thank you, thank you for reading it and hanging out with me. I do enjoy your company.

Now take a look at that horoscope. Does it say you will read great literature today?