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as small as an anthill…

(or as big as an anthill)

i rarely stop to look at anthills now

as a boy i’d watch them

i’d think about them

i’d occasionally destroy their little mounds of sand

but often i’d just watch them

carrying out grain after grain

carrying in little pieces of food

those ambitious hills, built up a grain at a time

not thinking about the metaphor

just watching them

and now i think more about:

ants ruling the world

what was it neal stephenson wrote about ants in the jungle?

it is clear that the place is ultimately ruled by ants; in fact it makes the most sense to think of the jungle as a living tissue of ants with minor infestations of trees, birds, and humans

i found that excerpt with google books

all the little googlers and their little machines carrying and placing their grains of data

how much can be accomplished, one grain at a time

the logic and the speed of our machines an inexorable march of ants

will the ants with their grains of sand bury us in the end?

let us moodle on anthills…