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Steddy Freddy, Part Two

bear with fish, by carl chapman, from wikipedia

Continuing from part one, and starting with those bears on their way to Guyana…

Traveling with the bears wasn’t easy. They pretty much lived on cold fish. (I missed the flamingos and their greasy fast food.)

Our political differences generated considerable friction, but much worse was their taste in music. They preferred it as raw as the fish.

Why were they migrating to Guyana?

I never learned the answer. The truth is, I didn’t stay with them for long since they turned away from the river after only a couple of days.

It was then I noticed the waterway was filled with dollar bills folded into origami ships. I gathered up as many as I could before getting clubbed across the back of the head.

When I awoke, I was naked, and all the money was gone.