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A Post for February, 2013

I’d really hate to miss a month. Or several months.

I’m going to keep blogging FOREVER.

I started this new job and it’s going well. I’m keeping busy with learning new stuff, and enjoying learning new stuff. My cup runneth over.

I still want to write.

I think.

Who knows? Maybe being more satisfied with my day job has left me without as much of a needy need to put things out here. And maybe I can start writing more freely if I don’t put so much desperate desire into an outcome for it.

Just have fun. That would be weird.

I’ve been writing technical stuff for The Nerdery blog.

I wrote this and this and this.

If you glance at the this-es, you’ll see a major betrayal of the roots of this blog, of which I should most certainly write more about, but not tonight, because I have other things to do.