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The Blog’s Not Dead Yet

And it never will be, as I mentioned last month.

The job’s going…


That new job I have. You may have heard about it when I was in the early euphoric phase of finally moving on to something new.

Now I’m going through a bit of a rocky transitional phase.

Lots of stuff I like about this place, and there are good people, but I’m struggling with parts of it. I love that I’m working with technology that I want to work with, and learning lots of new stuff. There are many things about the office culture that I like.

There are some things I’m not so excited about. The time pressure is stressful. But it’s early. I’m not going to panic like the time I tried a different job at my last company and decided after about 7 minutes and 20 seconds that it wasn’t right for me.

And I’ll think about what I might write about. I’ve been consumed by computer stuff in my free time. But it would be good to write, still.

About something.

And more often.