Moving to Freedom, .Org


Hi, y’all.

I’m not really a y’all guy. I’m totally Northern. Although I spent a summer in Memphis once, and I gained some experience with “y’all.” I like y’all.

But it’s not me. Not as long as I live here in the North.

Up here, it’s “you guys.”

So, you guys, I need to write something. I need to keep this thing going.

I continue to struggle with what I might serve to y’all.

I’m really all about me. And, this being my blog, I can make it all about me if I want to. But I want y’all to read it, too, and if this is too self-involved, it will just be me writing to myself. And as much as I’m hung up on myself, I don’t know if I can deal with it: me going on and on and on about me. And if I can’t stand it, where does that leave you?

What I need to do is write. I’m going to start doing that every day, or almost every day. Just like I’ve been getting up almost every day at three o’ clock for an hour on the elliptical, and walking the dogs four to six miles when I get home from work. It feels good. You just have to do it.


I’ll try making the same commitment to writing. Maybe thirty minutes a day for starters. Just writing. Like this, if need be, but hopefully more substantively and interestingly in time.

But it starts with putting the words down, and publishing some of them.