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Slow Down


I decided to slow down today, and it turned out well.

There’s a Rush lyric:

A driver on the busy freeway / Racing the oblivious cars.”

That’s me. I get caught up in the competition out there. That race. The rat race. I want to win. I want to get home faster. I don’t want to be the sucker waiting in line.

But most of the drivers are oblivious. Or if not, they’re playing the same losing game.

Today I chose to slow down and not compete as much. And it was good.

Less stressful.

I engaged my frugality to help with the attempted behavior modification. The slower I go, the more fuel efficient, and the more dollars saved.

The makers of the $100 Automatic hardware thingamajig for your car emphasize this savings. (I don’t need to slyly connect the dots for you on their motivation in emphasizing the payback for a $100 toy, do I?) I would love to have that device. I love collecting information, and this would be a treasure trove. And it would help re-train myself in driving less aggressively. But for now, I think I’ll work on it with just the aid of logic and reason.

Competition is a funny thing. Not, “haha” funny, but more like frightening in its implications for violence in the face of scarcity.

I’ve embraced capitalism and competition in general, well enough in my life to tread water and even swim against the tide for a time, but I have less taste for it as I grow older.

Winning is stressful. Exhausting.

But I do like to win. I also like being able to define winning on my own terms.

Or what I think are my own terms.

I know I have to dance to other people’s strings at times, but I think I’ve been fortunate in drawing lines, and staying on the side of the line I can cope with.

Or at least cope with so far, anyways.

It helps if you can slow down.