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Tiny Toads

Nothing to do with the post, really, except that there's a toad lawn (step?) ornament.

I saw lots of tiny toads while mowing the yard last night, which made me worry for their well-being. I didn’t want to hurt them in my lumbering giant ways.

And then again I saw one on a sidewalk this morning while walking the dogs. So small — like, he’d fit on a nickel. I only noticed him because he moved.

It occurred to me that this is an interesting choice for the little guy. How does he assess the risks? A dog might see movement and gulp him up with barely a thought, or a cruel child may step on him or otherwise torture him. But I was happy for the chance to enjoy seeing him, and to avoid crushing him.

And so we decide to be seen or unseen, with such limited information.

(PS: I’m aware he might have been a girl toad.)