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minecraft pickaxe

I finally started playing Minecraft late last year.

There is so much freedom to build and do things, but just as important are the constraints. You have to work at it. I mean, there is Creative Mode and I do stuff in there, too. It’s great for experimentation.

But it’s in Survival Mode that I feel transported to my real home. Even the parts that can get tedious are rewarding in the service of larger goals.

And I guess that’s life, then, right? Are we truly immortal, and we’ve just created this “real” world to have something to do, where we can believe things matter?

And it can be kind of fun. For some of us. For others, the world is a big place and I’ve heard there are people that may not see it in the same leisurely terms. Awful things happen out there.

But… good things, too. I’ve been fortunate. I love this idea of the world as unreal. The Matrix. A simulation. Fun.

The appeal of Minecraft is that it is a world. A whole world inside of the machine that we can enter into and live a different life.