Moving to Freedom, .Org

A Note to My Patient and Long-Suffering Subscribers

THE BLOG’S NOT DEAD. It’s just pining for the fjingers.

(The typing fingers, get it? The typing fingers that type the blog posts. The blog is pining for these.)

Adelsteen Normann Sommer im Fjord


Changes are underway of a technical nature with regard to the blog. Perhaps also an editorial flavor. In the process of making technical changes, I will curate like a banshee. (Banshees are the best curators.) That means I’ll delete many posts, and trust the Internet Archive to preserve their eternal remains.

While the technical project may not result in a notably increased flow from this spigot, there remains a relationship between you few, cherished readers and myself.

I intend to write and post more. It could also be that I’m just enjoying the technical exercise. In any case, I fervently hope to maintain existing formal subscriber arrangements!

For EMAIL, you may have signed up through FeedBurner many years ago, and more recently through WordPress/Jetpack. I’m planning to move everyone over to MailChimp. You don’t have to do anything. You still get to receive my incalculably valuable words, essentially for free, over wires and air, assuming they get through your spam filters.

There will be unsubscribe options just like the other services.

For RSS, I may end up with something as simple as a single “all” feed. Although it will be Atom, not RSS. Hopefully you’re subscribed to /feed/, which will redirect to the eventual new feed. (It might be /feed.xml!) So you might not have anything to do, either. Or it could be I’ll disappear from your feed.

COMMENTS won’t make the move. Not at first or maybe ever. They too will live on at the archive. I loved getting comments. All that sweet, sweet community interaction and love.

I don’t mean to be snarky. It was awesome having people reading and commenting. I continue to desire some level of interaction, which we’ll currently find on other frequencies.

Still: comments might go through some migration process, eventually. Probably for the time I had a guest blogger, at least.

In conclusion…

WHAT YOU MIGHT EXPECT TO SEE, if you subscribe through existing channels:

Some test posts and emails. I’ll try to keep emails limited in number. The feed might have some hiccups. MailChimp is supposed to have an RSS to email feature which will keep emails going out automatically with posts, but there’ll be tinkering and experimentation.

The site might be a bit wonky as things are updated, reviewed, and updated again. If you guys paid me more, I’d likely aim for a more seamless cutover to the other side of this technical ravine. As it is, be happy with what you get. (For all these years, so selflessly and thanklessly.)