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Ten Years Gone

Fantastic Universe, January 1954

I didn’t have the Zeppelin song, “Ten Years Gone,” in mind when thinking about this inevitable post, but I’m listening to it now as I start it.

Needing a title, I thought, “ten years gone by,” and that seemed like a thing already existing so I looked it up to be reminded of this great song from Physical Graffiti. There are many other instances of the phrase, “ten years gone,” so I don’t think Led Zeppelin has a lock on it, but it’s probably the seed of my thought in this case.

Although preceding that was the thought of another song about ten years passing, Pink Floyd’s, “And then one day you find / Ten years have got behind you”, to which I’ve already referred once in this blog’s history.

And that history has reached ten years, on this day. Today is the ten year anniversary of this web site. This blog. I wanted to mark the occasion, but I don’t have time or inclination to say more about it. You only get lazy references to other people’s music and a 1950s science fiction magazine cover that has nothing to do with anything.