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A Note About Pages ‘Lost’


This is a gravestone for pages that have passed away.

Why have they gone away? Why should pages die? Perhaps it was their time.

I thought I’d keep things around forever, but I want to let some pages go. To travel more lightly. If the pages aren’t contributing enough, by some arbitrary and unknowable measure, I’m murdering them.

They may live on at the Internet Archive. I love that site and its mission! I trust them to keep things safe for posterity, at least as robustly as I could, and with acknowledgment that posterity might not really care.

Technical posts in particular get out of date.

The things that remain may not be worthy of eternity, either, but I hope they’re more worthy of your attention and to your benefit than the things I’ve culled.

Let us not lament that which has gone.

Onward, into the future…

And still there is the past

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