Hi! Welcome. Namaste. Välkommen.

This is a blog.

Blogging is my trade — I am a blogger. My name is Scott the Blogger. I arrange, design, and publish blog posts.

What do I write about?

The ineffable nature of life!

But, alas, being ineffable, it can’t be expressed.

So I write about me (my favorite topic), and cultural stuff, and web stuff and software and programming and whatever occurs to me to write about.

What it really amounts to is a lot of me washing dishes. I wish I could give you more than me washing dishes, but it’s all I have. I hope my take on dishes and dishwashing will fascinate, or at least amuse you. I’ll be writing about all things dish and cutlery related.

There are no rules to this thing.

Are you not in love with the dishwashing theme? Well, you once had your doubts about green eggs and ham, too, but then you found that you do so like them. In both cases — odd colored breakfast food and yet another blog from a frustrated writer — it is essential that you try them.

more about what I’ve written

I started this blog nine years ago to write about free software, free culture, and “assorted miscellany.”

I wanted to write about moving to free software (sometimes called “open source”), which gave the site its name, “Moving to Freedom.” I still care about free software and free culture, even while I use a lot of proprietary software out of convenience and lack of purity.

I work in technology, but I don’t write nuts and bolts stuff about it on this site anymore. I’ve also largely given up on evangelizing about free stuff. Or have I? I’m still concerned about the problems of copyright and patents, and may not be able to avoid these topics.

what I’m writing about now

Firstly, and most importantly, dishwashing. We already talked about this above. And I didn’t mention it specifically up there, but I also share useful information on proper cutlery technique.

From there, this thing can go anywhere.

As mentioned, one area I’ve always had an intense interest in — and will continue to focus on — is writing about me.

But I’m most interested in learning how to tell a good story. So far, my pursuit of this has resulted in many years of flailing around, looking for material, succumbing to Resistance, and not practicing enough.

Yet I will keep trying to write more gooder. You’ll want to keep reading to see how things develop. It’s extremely fortunate for both of us that you have numerous options for monitoring the situation.

I still like the Moving to Freedom name for this place. It works for just about anything. We can always aspire and move toward greater freedom in different areas of our lives.

a few more things about me

I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Minnesota, one of the United States. Minnesota is a beautiful state — probably the best state — with many lakes, forests, parks, and trails. These are things I like much more than publicly financed sports stadiums for private billionaires.

I’m married and have a daughter. We have pets. (Here’s one. And another. And another. And one more.) They make appearances here and there as I share more and less about my life.

I worked a corporate job for many years where I was fairly paid and not abused, and I had some good times and made a lot of good friends, but I was unhappy most of the time with the work. Dreading Mondays and that kind of thing. Now I’m at The Nerdery, and my first three years there have been amazing. It’s such a wonderful feeling to look forward to going in to work. It’s more than just the free beer on tap. There are also free Pop-tarts.

I like this picture of the Brule River at Judge C.R. Magney State Park:

Judge C.R. Magney State Park, MN

I love rivers. And metaphors involving rivers. And Richard Bach’s parable about a river, in his book, Illusions. It begins:

Once there lived a village of creatures
along the bottom of a great crystal river.

I live in that village.

Each creature in its own manner clung tightly
to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom,
for clinging was their way of life,
and resisting the current what each had learned from birth.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m clinging. I’m clinging tightly. My fingers are numb. But I’m going to let go. I will!


You might reach me at: scottc@movingtofreedom.org

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Updated: 13 November 2015