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Leap Post III

Book Cover - H.G. Wells Tales of Space and Time - Project Gutenberg

Welcome to a special blog event: the 3rd Quadrennial Leap Post!

America is already and still great. Evidence: I purchased an entree from Leeann Chin on this leap day for only $2.29.

Is it surprising to me that the blog has been going on for more than three leap years’ time? Coming up on ten years.

(Oh. Stay tuned for a 10 Year Celebration Post later this year.)

Ten years seems like a long time. I’d’ve thought I’d let it get more stale and neglected much sooner than these past couple of years.


That’s all the space and time I have for leap-related and backward-looking material, today, this leap day.

I’d have time for more of “the now,” but its nature eludes me.

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