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Again with the 300.

This isn’t about the movie, “300.

I’ve not seen that movie, the violent one about Spartans in ancient Greece. I might like it if I did; I’m not opposed to violence in movies and TV shows. And I’m a fan of history in general and Greece’s history in particular. Not that the movie has anything to do with history, of course. But I appreciate imagination helpers, as with the successors of the Greeks in HBO’s Rome.

Counterpoint: I’m usually bored by car chases, shootouts, and fight scenes in movies. (Although I’ve heard that 300 has a killer car chase: Mini Coopers driving through the Parthenon!)

Anyway, on this blog, 300 has to do with writing 300 words, a target I acquired from Anne Lamott.

Did you know 300 was released in 2007? So long ago! Seems like it’s only three or four years past. Time moves fast when you’re not trying to get words down on the page.

The picture above is from Yorkshire, Painted and Described, by Gordon Home. It serves here as a peaceful salve to our long-established aggression. (I know little about Yorkshire or its history. Perhaps I’m perpetrating irony.)

I want to walk down the path, and stop at the cottage around the bend. I want to visit this place, either in Gordon’s illustrations, or in real life, or just here in this post.

Paths and roads stretch in front of us. Even on paths we want to walk, relishing the view and the ground moving beneath our feet, it can feel like work, getting to the end of our journey. Sometimes we just want to be done. We forget to be there, in the moment.

Eventually we pass that three hundred step threshold. Did we appreciate our moment, or were we caught up in a tomorrow that never arrives?

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