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I’m Blogging This Blog To My Blog

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Ezra Klein pointed me to a blog, “This Is a Blog Post. It Is Not a Blog,” quoting from the blog, “Trust me. I’m a blogger. I blog blogs all the time.”

The blog snippet entertained me, even though I disagree with the premise of the blog itself. My own preference is likewise to call these things “blog posts,” and yes, I flinched the first few times I ran across “blog” for a blog post.

But I quickly got over it. Language evolves, and who are we to set into stone so quickly all of these new words and concepts?

Then again, I’m all in favor of arguing about language and complaining about language misdeeds. I persist in my own hopeless campaign of railing against the over-utilization of the word, “utilize.” (Although I grow weary of it.)

At the same time, I actively root for the further debasement of some idioms, like, “Begging the question.”

In the case of “blog = blog post”, I’m indifferent. I don’t care who wins. The author of the Slate piece says that you’ll look dumb if you do it wrong, and nobody will take you seriously, and maybe it’s true that keepers of the blogging lexicon may look down on you, now, but I think this harsh judgement will soon be overwhelmed by common usage.

Can you imagine at one time a similar irritation when the word “letter” came to be used for the collection of letters on a page? I’m sure much angst was spilled in the verblogs* of the day.

* Verbal blogs.

Although nonpartisan in this case, I should disclose that I have my own peculiar thoughts about blog terminology.

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